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Best Cycling Trails in Anaheim, California

April 15th, 2016

If you are looking for apartments in Anaheim and you’re an avid cyclist, then you’ll probably also want to know where the best bike trails in Anaheim, California are as well. When looking for the best apartments in Anaheim, you should think about your lifestyle before making any decisions. Choosing to live in an area that has most of the things you use on a daily basis will help prevent you from regretting your decision to live there. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a list of the best cycling trails in Anaheim, California so you can make an educated decision about which apartments in Anaheim are right for you and your particular situation.

What Are the Best Cycling Trails in Anaheim, California?

Anaheim, California boasts several exceptional cycling trails, many of which are very popular with the locals.

  • Anaheim Wetlands Trail Head. This is a 10-acre park with 14.6 miles of trails.
  • Canyon Rim Park Trail Head. This is a 6.5-acre park that has trails leading to the Deer Canyon Park Preserve, Oak Canyon Nature Center and the Walnut Canyon Reservoir Trail.
  • Deer Canyon Park Trail Head. This is a 133-acre park with 2.8 miles of trails and direct access connections to the Four Corners Trail and the Oak Canyon Nature Center.
  • Oak Canyon Nature Center Trail Head. This is a 53-acre park with 3.6 miles of trails and it connects to Walnut Canyon Reservoir Trail and Deer Canyon.
  • Yorba Regional Park Trail Head. This is a 131-acre complex with direct access to the Santa Ana River Trail.

Why Should You Choose to Live in an Anaheim, California Apartment?

Anaheim, California is a fabulous location and The Crossing Apartments is a smoke-free community that offers a bicycle parking area, is pet friendly, provides exceptional floor plans, easy access to 91, 55, 57 22 and 5 freeways and has a wide variety of unparalleled amenities for you to enjoy. Living here will give you the best of both worlds. You can be active, close to shopping, dining and entertainment or simply spend some time relaxing in nature while cycling on your favorite trail.

Contact The Crossing Apartments today and let us show you how much better life can be when you live in an apartment you love in a location that can’t be beat! At The Crossing Apartments, there’s place like home!

5 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments

April 1st, 2016

When it comes to spring cleaning, there’s no better way for people in environmentally conscious cities like Anaheim, California to show their appreciation for green living than using some eco-friendly cleaning methods. These eco-friendly methods allow you to avoid harsh chemicals, improve air quality, and organize your apartment the right way. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

Swap And Donate Your Stuff

Just remember, throwing out old clothes, computers, video games, DVDs, and other items contributes to the massive amount of garbage already being produced. Instead of just adding your items to the landfill, it’s time to think about giving it away or even swapping them for something you actually do want. There are a variety of websites setup for swapping items such as Title Trader for books and movies and for clothing and kids stuff. Of course, there are also always eBay and Craigslist if you want to make some extra money while you de-clutter.

Make A Simple Disinfectant

Too many disinfectants are filled with harmful chemicals that not only can harm you, but can also leach into the water supply. If any of your disinfectants claim to be harmful or fatal if you swallow them then it’s time to try making your own natural disinfectant. For a standard disinfectant solution, mix the following:

  • 4 tablespoons of vinegar
  • ¼ teaspoon of liquid castile soap
  • 2 teaspoons of borax

You can put this solution in a spray bottle and use it whenever you need it. For mold and mildew, all you need is straight vinegar

Wood Furniture Cleaner

For wood furniture, you can also make a eco-friendly cleaning solution that will bring out the natural beauty of your wood and help you avoid using harmful cleaning chemicals. Simply mix equal parts olive oil and lemon juice and apply it to wood furniture with a cloth in long and even strokes.

Vacuum Your Home With A HEPA Filter

For apartments in Anaheim, California the air quality is often quite poor. Besides dust and allergens, there are also pollutants in your home that you can actually filter out by using a HEPA filter on your vacuum. HEPA filters are industry-grade, and can even filter out toxic chemicals. To further rid your home of harmful particulate matter in the air, you should also be sure to change your furnace filter as well.

DIY Carpet Cleaner

Instead of relying on scented candles or other fragrances that contain harsh chemicals, allergens and even carcinogens, it’s time to make your house smell great the eco-friendly way. Here is what you need to make your own carpet cleaner:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 20 to 30 drops of essential oil of your choosing, such as lavender, peppermint or primrose
  • You can also optionally add ½ a cup of salt
  • Get a jar and punch some holes in the top of it

After you mix the ingredients together, simply shake it out over your carpet and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before you vacuum it up. Your house will smell great and you won’t be breathing in harmful chemicals.

Ultimately, supporting your environment starts with where you living, which is why you should choose to live in LEED gold designated buildings that promote sustainability and energy efficiency.  If you want eco-friendly apartments in  Anaheim, California, then it’s to schedule a viewing today at The Crossing Apartments for luxury living with eco-friendly design.

5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

March 28th, 2016

The most wonderful realization of the practice of yoga is that it is done with your entire being. You do not practice yoga only with your body; it involves you as a whole, including your mind and soul.

1. Relieve Your Stress
Yoga requires continuous effort and concentration. Narrowing your focus from the largeness of your daily struggles to the movement of your body helps immensely with easing minor pains and knots–the physical effects stress leaves on your body. Controlling the breath while moving through the postures is important. Doing so helps you ease yourself into relaxation and lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Even better, yoga has been known to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

2. Go With the Flow
Yoga allows you to observe how your mind and body work together in harmony. Those unsure of beginning yoga may hesitate for worry that they can’t do certain poses. However, even those with years of practice can hit roadblocks. Remember that your body fluctuates. Some days you may be able to ease into a pose that proves difficult a few days later. This is how yoga teaches patience and letting go of controlling how things should be. Interestingly, what applies to the body here also applies to dealing with difficult emotions. Yoga reminds you to let things be as they are and to accept them regardless of how good or bad they are.

3. Be Strong and Bendy
A yoga routine involves a series of poses that helps you build up strength and flexibility over time and with devoted practice. The hundreds of poses and variations work the muscles all over your body and strengthen your joints and tendons. As you become more flexible, you’ll find yourself with a greater range of motion and improved posture. Not only does yoga relieve the tension in your muscles from daily wear, it also offers chronic pain relief as well.

4. Stand On Your Own
When new to yoga, many feel surprised at how difficult it can be to do balance poses. This aspect of yoga also relates to your emotional state, as the worries and irritations of everyday life constantly pull you in opposing directions. Yoga helps improve this by engendering awareness and mindfulness of balance needed in body and mind. This encourages you to find your way back to yourself in unity.

5. Connect to Yourself
Yoga has a way of reminding you that you are whole just as you are. The combination of poses, breathing, and meditation exercises helps keep you in the present and in tune with your inner self. This helps with concentration and memory and leaves behind a sense of inner calm and equanimity.

Best Entertainment Venues in Anaheim, California

March 16th, 2016
Though Disneyland, without a doubt, is one of the most famous attractions in Anaheim, there is much more to this energetic city than Mickey’s iconic ears. Whether you are into cultural events, marathon shopping, or just relaxing and taking in the flora and the fauna, Anaheim has got you covered. We are about to take a peek at the city’s other venues which make Anaheim, California such a fantastic place to visit.
First stop: Anaheim’s historic downtown located at Center St. Promenade between Harbor Blvd. and Anaheim Blvd. Here, you will find an impressive array of outdoor eateries, funky and fashionable boutiques, and fun for the whole family. Every Thursday, the local farmers market fills the street with a unique variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other tasty edibles to excite your taste buds. Throughout the year the city makes a commendable effort to showcase a variety of cultural activities, seasonal art shows and vibrant street fairs, and all just for you. Wasn’t that thoughtful?
Phone: (714) 712-2700
Address: 205 Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805
WebsiteA short distance from Anaheim’s downtown area is the City National Grove of Anaheim or “The Grove” as locals call it. This indoor venue is a must-see for live music concerts and riveting entertainment. The events are diverse and, with a little planning, you are sure to find something enjoyable for everyone.
Phone: (714) 712-2700
Address: 2200 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806

Sharing the same parking lot with the City National Grove of Anaheim, you will find the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Home to Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, this modern-style stadium is well maintained and a delight to visit. Whether you attend an Angels’ baseball game or the Monster Jam competition, you will find the food options are plentiful, seating is comfortable, and parking is a breeze.
Phone: (714) 940-2000
Address: 2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

We cannot mention Angel Stadium without mentioning Honda Center (nor would we; go Ducks!). Honda Center is the home of the Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Whether you are in attendance for a hockey game, concert, or other venue, this is an experience that will be enjoyed by all. The Honda Center is clean and accommodating and parking, at least for smaller events, is a breeze. Seating, even in the upper levels, affords a great view of all the action. Friendly staff, great food, and incredible entertainment; what more could one want?
Phone: (714) 704 2400
Address: 2695 E Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806

Need respite from all the excitement? Wander over to Yorba Regional Park. This picturesque sprawling park has plenty to do (or not do) for everyone. There are playgrounds and picnic/barbecue facilities located throughout the park. There are four lakes and several streams ideal for paddle-boating, fishing, or model boat launching. You can, also, take a walk, run, or bike ride on one of the many trails in the park. Yorba Regional Park is a great place to commune with nature and relax your mind, body, and soul. We highly recommend it.
Phone: (714) 973-6615
Address: 7600 E La Palma, Anaheim, CA 92807

There you have it – a short list of great venues for Anaheim, California! We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy each and every one. Be sure to post any feed-back below.

5 Unique Date Ideas in Anaheim, CA

February 29th, 2016

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, that doesn’t always mean that you’re not looking for new and exciting date ideas for the remainder of the year. If you want to plan something different this time and need a little bit of help, check out these 5 unique date ideas in Anaheim, California and give your significant other a surprise to remember.

  • Enjoy Some Solace Outdoors

This can be both an economical as well as a romantic date idea. Grab some tidbits and a bottle of good wine and get set up to enjoy the beautiful sunset with your partner. The key is to find a beautiful place outside to set up a picnic and take in the view. Whether that’s along the coast or at the peak of your favorite hike, it’s a date idea that can be done in many places. No matter where you decide to spend this outdoor date, with the right eats, drinks, and a beautiful view, you can’t go wrong.

  • Attend a Baseball Game

As baseball season gets ready to kick off, why not switch things up a bit by attending an MLB game in Anaheim or Los Angeles? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the nearby home team for those living in Anaheim, California. Beyond that, the Los Angeles Dodgers are also close by. Baseball games are an exciting way to catch live, professional sports games, eat ballpark food, drink beer, and create a new experience. Who know, you two may become fans and create an ongoing summer event to attend.

  • Visit the Anaheim Museum

The Anaheim Museum, situated at South Anaheim Boulevard,  is a historic edifice consisting of 2 galleries, a museum store and a gallery for children. There is no entry fee but voluntary donations are welcome. There is a huge outdoor patio where you can relax and visit the bar for free pizza slices.

  • House of Blues

This is an excellent venue to relax with your special someone. The House of Blues is a popular venue always housing some great musical acts, both famous and less known. Many great musicians and bands start out their careers at the House of Blues. If you guys enjoy live music, be spontaneous and catch the next scheduled show.

  • Yves Restaurant/Wine Bar

Many people will vouch that this is the place for having the ultimate dining experience in Orange County. The wine list at this restaurant constitutes of beverages that have won awards from all over the world. You must savor the French and Italian cuisines that are on the menu and enjoy some live and foot-tapping Jazz music.

February Events in Anaheim, California

February 2nd, 2016

The month of February is a great time to be in the state of California, particularly in the city of Anaheim. Anaheim is a city just outside Los Angeles in the southern part of California. The city boasts a wonderful and pleasant, mild and temperate climate all year round. The winter is pleasant and usually falling between the temperatures 50-70. It is unlike any of the cold Eastern coastal cities during this time of the year. Anaheim is a city with a low population and is generally the holiday destination for many people from Los Angeles.

Disneyland Resort

Anaheim is famously known for its Disneyland resort in the western part of America. It is one of the few places that gives you the proper Disney experience all year round, which makes it a great spot to enjoy with your family and kids. The resort has many Disney themed rides, hotels and shops.

The Ducks Stadium

Anaheim is also the home city to the Los Angeles Ducks. If you’re a fan of hockey on ice, the city is home to one of the most popular ice hockey teams that has been portrayed in many popular Hollywood films. You could catch a game with friends and family.

Los Angeles Angels Stadium

Anaheim is also the home to the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. The Angels are also a popular baseball team in the National baseball league. You could enjoy a game or two in the stadium for their preseason, or watch your favorite players practice session in action. If you’re lucky and have access you could also get pictures and autographs with the players.

Music Fests

The city is also well known for its music and culture. There are many free events and paid events that you could enjoy during your time there. There are always some good gigs happening in the area. One of the famous things to lookout for is the free event wherein they have tribute bands to some of the most biggest and legendary musical icons.

In a city like Anaheim, California where there is always a wide selection of fun events to choose from, it’s hard to create a confined list. Check out some of the big city staples listed above and see what fun events they’re offering over the month of February. Above all, try something new and add a new experience to check off your bucket list!


Tips to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 20th, 2016

It’s a new year, and even if you haven’t committed to a New Year’s Resolution up until this point, it’s never too late to make a change. As a society, we generally associate New Year’s Resolutions with signing up for gym memberships and going on a diet. In reality, though, a new resolution could be as simple as stretching for 5 minutes every morning to release tension. It could be to write down 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. Ultimately, making a resolution for yourself is making a promise to work towards a healthier and happier you, body and mind.

A few tips to get you started on keeping that New Year’s Resolution going strong are:

  • Less drama, keep it real: Don’t chalk out a resolution that is not doable. Don’t refrain yourself from eating your favorite dish again to keep the pounds from adding on. It will not work; depraving yourself will only make it seem like an ordeal. Be realistic with yourself.
  • Chart it out: Don’t make a plan that is momentary; think long term. A resolution is not something made on December 31st, it is rather a decision that is the fruit of a chain of events. Decide on your plan of action to resist that last piece of cake. Mentally prepare a list of pros and cons of breaking your resolution.
  • Small victories: Treat yourself every time you reach a goal. Instead of looking at it as a punishment, think of it as a positive change in your eating pattern. When you eat clean, you feel good.
  • Maintain a journal: Writing it down makes it seem more real than thinking about it. Jot down your successes and road blocks. Also, it is easier to keep track of the progress you make.
  • Persevere: A habit is formed when you repeat an activity for a period of 21 days. Practice your self-obedience and perseverance.

Ultimately, if you fail the first time, keep at it until you succeed. Habits are a result of repetition, and repetition is a result of practice.

5 Unique Sofa Designs for Apartments

January 2nd, 2016

A sofa is the primary piece of furniture that can either make or break the atmosphere you wish to set in your apartment. Sofas generally dominate the living room. A comfortable yet chic sofa will make your guest comfortable while drawing appreciation on your marvelous design sensibilities. Here are five unique sofa designs that can own any apartment.

  • Pixel sofa: Modern and stylish, the pixel sofa is the currently raging geometric design. A concept created by an art student from Royal College of Art, the contemporary furniture is a sure attention grabber.  The color spectrum is wide and it is a sure winner for anyone with an artistic eye. It is as appropriate for an apartment as it is for an office.
  • The metallic attraction: A bold metallic color will make any design appear stylish. A hint of silver, bronze or gold has become popular in making an apartment glamorous. If you are apprehensive of buying a sofa in metallic cushions, spice it up by adding large cushions in bronze or gold. You can mix up a silver cushion with a leather sofa as well.
  • Accordion sofa: Made of paper or wood, this sofa is coolest furniture you will find. You can mold it in any way you want it and it will retain the same shape without letting you down. Have something new to show every time you have guests over.
  • Feeling seating system: Brain child of Animi Causa, this sofa is unique in design and shape. The structure is pieced together by molecular objects to depict the only shape of all objects in the universe: circular. The sofa is made of 120 soft balls that can take up any shape.
  • The rug sofa: A clichéd east meets west design, who would want a rug when you have a sofa that looks like one? It is a great looking piece of furniture although the comfort it offers is questionable.

Most Stylish Bedding Patterns

December 23rd, 2015

Bedrooms are personal spaces that are a true reflection of the way we live. Being the place that is customized and meant for only you and whoever you share it with, it is that one place in the world to kick back and be yourself. Decorating your special space to align with your personality and interests is what makes it come alive. The immense plethora of patterns and designs that are available out there are confounding. Instead of dwelling on the various choices, here are some tips on how to choose designs as advised by the experts.

  • Choosing Patterns: The easiest rule to follow is to decorate in three patterns or more. Odd numbers have an appeasing visual effect. Do not restrict the rule of three to only patterns, play with sizes as well. The first pattern you choose must be dominating. It will be the eye catcher. Play with large bold colored motifs. Keep the second subdued. It could either be a miniature version of the first or similar. If the primary pattern is floral, a geometric second is ideal, but maintain the same color. The third could be plain or a mix of the two.
  • Color Matching: Do not mix pastel colors with primary or vibrant ones. It is a big no-no. The key here is to maintain the same levels of intensity. Ensuring that your color scheme follows a central pattern will have a great effect on the room.
  • The Fabric: As the saying goes in the trade, each fabric has a unique feel and personality. There are basically two types: formal and informal. An example of a formal fabric would be damask and informal muslin or plaid. Bear in mind the extent of formal fabrics you want to play with. Keep the primary pattern in a fabric with a large personality and work your way from there to choose the rest.
  • Watch the Whites: Often a popular choice for bedding, whites can be a disaster if you match it wrong. When the fabrics don’t match the white when it stands out, the essence of the room is lost.

Most of all, create a bedding aesthetic that you will be excited to climb into every night. No matter what your day-to-day brings, having a safe and comfortable space to rest your head and refuel your energy and mind for the future is both a blessing and a privilege. Take into account the importance of your bedding, and have fun!

5 Activities to Alleviate Stress

December 4th, 2015

Stress: such a small word that has the potential to turn your world into chaos. Most often, stress is the result of a few different factors in life that we have little to no control over. It has been said time and time again to let go of all that we have no control over, but the human mind is such that it loves to ponder over difficult situations and turn it into fictional scenarios that are worse. Thus, it’s a great idea to look into different methods of alleviating stress no matter where it stems from.

There are many ways to alleviate stress, here are five such activities:

  • Meditation: A calm corner to unveil your true thoughts is balm for the soul. Dedicate a little bit of of your time each day to meditate, whether that’s 10 minutes or 30 minutes. It is no fast acting drug, but the effects are long lasting. There is scientific evidence that proves that neural networks are altered making you more resistant to a stressful situation. Find quiet corner such as your bedroom, patio, or somewhere in nature, find a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, and focus on something to keep you present like an intention or breath work.
  • Calming Breaths: When a stressed heart rate quickens, this increases your blood pressure. When you feel yourself getting worked up over something and it’s getting to a point where it’s all you can think about, take a step back and take 3 deep breaths. Your will feel yourself begin to relax almost immediately, and continue this until you’ve reached a calmer state of mind.
  • Face the Situation: It is an act of courage to face the things that are bothering you head on. Being present will increase awareness on the problem and the required solution. Instead of avoiding the thing that causes you stress in hopes that it will go away, tackle the issue head on and work towards a solution.
  • Acknowledge the Damages: Stress manifests into physical symptoms. Notice if you’re holding tension in any of your muscles or joints or if you’re experiencing changes in your body like headaches or blemishes; it may just be the stress. Analyze your body by doing a quick scan to see where you’re experiencing physical effects. Lie on your back or sit with your feet down in a quiet corner and immerse into self.
  • Ask for Help: There is no shame in asking for help where you’re able to receive it. Reach out to a friend or family member and talk to them about the situation that you are in. As an independent person, it can be hard to turn to others for assistance in things you feel are your responsibility. Yet, friends and family are here to help one another. Reach out.

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